In my ongoing quest to understand why people do many of the things they do, I received a timely email from my boss, the pictures of which I will share here. It’s almost mind-boggling how thoughtless and inconsiderate we people can be…today, I am opening the topic of clothing, and whom better to scrutinize than the good shoppers of Wal Mart?

Admittedly, this a view into the  minority of fashion (and some would argue decency) offenders, so, before I get flamed without mercy, bear in mind these images are not mine, they have been borrowed to provoke discussion, not to pass judgment on my part. That’s what you’re here for, dear readers!  

 Having said that, I leave the following for discussion: Is wearing such clothing in public acceptable? Should it be regarded as a freedom, things an individual should be able to wear at their discretion? Have you ever seen anyone out in public dressed like this or similar? How did/would you react, if at all?