There's been a lot of posting lately about dressing one's age, and each time I've ready one of these featured blogs, the same question has gone through my mind.  Now I'd like to turn that question over to you, the Lovelyish ladies, to see what you all think. 

I am 35 years old, and, due to a combination of being petite (I've five feet even), genetic good luck and religious use of sunscreen, I look a lot younger than I am (about a full ten years).  Most people guess me to be between 23 and 28. When I tell them I'm 35, they look legitimately stunned...even the minister who married my fiance and I, asked my age at our first marriage prep session and when I told her, she kind of froze for a second and said "I never would have guessed". 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to look young.  In a culture obsessed with youth, I see this as a good thing.  But, it does present one problem: dressing my age.  And this is where I'd be interested in what others think.  If I dress like a "typical 35-year-old", I look like a young woman in frumpy clothes.  If I dress like a 25-year-old, I just look like a 25-year-old.  But is it appropriate?  It bears mentioning that I wear a uniform at work, so my clothing choices don't affect me where that's concerned.  I'm concerned with clothes that I'll wear outside of work, on my free time. 

So what do you say?  Should someone in my shoes dress my chronological age, dress the age I appear to be, or something else entirely?