A Pillow for Your Boobs

If you have large breasts (which I DEFINITELY do not), I assume some positions or activities can be difficult, awkward or downright painful. So, when it's time for sleep, it's definitely time to give your girls a bit of a rest. And now your ta-ta's have a pillow of their own, called Kush, to keep them propped up in their proper positions while you rest.

This is pretty hilarious.

From the company: "Made from a lightweight plastic with a slip-resistant outer coating, Kush is uniquely designed to fit between the breasts to maintain a more natural shape while resting on your side."

It's $24.99 (What?! Wouldn't a rolled-up sock get the job done for free?) and it's recommended for side-sleepers, wrinkle prevention, pregnant women and post-operative recovery. Watch the infomercial (which is hilarious in that over the top infomercial way) below:


Well, like I said, I have A-cups, so this pillow would just fall down and get wedged in the mattress if I tried it. But tell me, larger-endowed ladies: does this seem like a necessary product? Would it make for more comfortable sleeping?

Would you try the boob pillow?