I don't know about you but I always enjoy decorating my notebook. I usually buy a plain spiral bound notebook and decorate it myself to give it a unique look.

Method #1: Cut out photos and words from magazines or newspapers and create a collage on the front cover.

Here is one that is handmade, eco-friendly, made out of candy wrappers, and sold online:

You could easily make this yourself with some candy wrappers and a bit of glue [or some tape].

Method #2: Wrapping paper.

You could cover the front of your notebook with wrapping paper and maybe add some ribbon. You could also cut the wrapping paper into a shape and stick it on your notebook or make a collage of wrapping paper shapes. Be creative. You could also use scrap booking paper which is probably not as tacky as wrapping paper. However, it definitely depends on the paper you have chosen. I googled spiral bound notebook covered with wrapping paper and this is what came up:

Method #3: Stickers! Buy a whole bunch of stickers and cover your notebook with them. Bumper stickers are also acceptable. This is one I thought was cool, found via google images:

Method #4: Sharpie. This is what I usually do to my notebooks. Sometimes I just doodle on them during class when I'm bored. This year I decided to look up tattoo designs and draw something similar on my notebook. One is a phoenix and the other is a koi. You will have to go back over the sharpie at random intervals because it does scratch off if you have a plastic cover [like the Mead 5 star notebooks]. Also if you mess up it is quite easy to fix. Just put some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or a cotton ball and rub it over the area you want to change. Right now I have one more notebook to draw something on. Any suggestions?

Here are my notebooks:

[Sorry about the glare. We have really bad lighting in the house so I had to use the flash]

Just have fun and enjoy the creative freedom.

What about you? Do you decorate your notebooks or book covers?