Everyone strives to be perfect, me included. I paintshop my pictures but I do this because I want to look better but I don’t really mind the way I look, but I just want to say some things about before and after photoshopped pictures.

Would you have taken a second glance at the picture without it being photoshopped? In the “perfect” version you would definitely feel very envious, but in the natural one is there really much to envy? I’m sorry but there isn’t. Is there?

Now what would you have said if the original picture was the real cover of something? Madonna doesn’t really still look as young as she did and doesn’t look perfect, at all. In the photoshopped picture she actually looks very fake, but I guess fake is in.

Doesn’t she look like a normal girl in the original picture? Just like one of us? But in the photoshopped picture she has no imperfections and yes, does look pretty but who wouldn’t be able to tell it’s been photoshopped? Unless you are of course unrealistic and actually think someone can look like that.

Would the natural picture appeal to you? Would it? No it wouldn’t, but the photoshopped one would. Where her skin is all of a sudden perfect and the picture is a very vibrant color.

Would you have wanted to look at the first image of a tired, shabby-looking Britney? No. But the second one where she’s perfect looking and the picture is so vibrant and colorful.

Okay, so looking at these 5 pictures – what do you think of them un-photoshopped and photoshopped?