I'm a huge fan of horror movies, psychological thrillers, ghost stories (if anyone has any recommendations, please comment! I don't mind reading subtitles either!). I can't say that I'm a huge fan of zombie movies, though -- zombies have never really been my thing. Yet, I've been hearing some good reviews about this movie, Deadgirl.

It's a controversial movie focused around two high school boys discovering a dead body -- really, a female zombie -- tied to a table. From there, it's how they both react to the discovery.

I watched it, and there's torture, gore, continual rape of the dead girl, and supposed social allegories.

Sexy Dead Women?

Sexy Dead Women?

bonus points if you can name this music video where the lead singer romances a dead woman :)

Here's the main question for you: How do you feel about the media sexualizing dead women? What is so appealing about dead women? And what does that say about men or even our society?