The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

Victoria’s Secret has nothing on these crazy bras. Designed for novelty and gimmick, as opposed to actually strapping on under your tee, this set of unique undergarments isn’t for the faint at heart…or chest.

The Chopstick Bra (above)

There’s nothing like a good….er….cup of rice. Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan has brought the rice to use with its concept bra in the theme of a Japanese dining table. The right cup holds a small rice bowl, and the left holds a miso soup bowl.

And of course it comes with chopsticks:

collapsible ones that you can store in the chopstick rest squeeze between the cups. These guys thought of everything!

I don’t recommend trying this one under a white tshirt.

The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

The Bacon Bra

Apparently the combination of food and brassieres is irresistible for some bra-makers, because someone also created this lovely bra fashioned out of bacon strips. Don’t wear this one to a dog show.

The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

The Solar-Powered Bra

All your slacker bra can do it hold up the girls. Meet the solar-powered bra, whose charging power can fuel a cell phone or an iPod. The inventor admits that you shouldn’t wear this one outside without clothes over it because it might get damaged….um, kind of defeats the point?


The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

The Goldfish Bra

Well now, this is practical.

The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

The Light-Up Bra

 You’ll really light up with the room with this glowing number, which looks like a Muppet being strangled by a set of Christmas lights. Fluorescent boobs or bust!


The Weirdest Bras You Have Ever Seen

The Candy Bra

That’s a lot of Necco wafers. Have fun explaining your sudden explosion of cavities (or your boyfriend’s!) to your dentist.

What do you think of these crazy bras?