Cher: You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.

Lovelies with the fear of sharing way too much information, I’m going to discuss a topic that’s a little awkward. No, it’s not about rashes. I’m talking about a woman’s virginity, her virtue, her freaking v-card, whatever you want to call it.

Why am I dedicating a post to it? Because I want opinions. You lovelyish readers, are like the brutally honest friends I’ve never had.

So let’s get down to business; back home, most people don’t do the deed until they’re in college if not when they’re married. This could be because dating isn’t allowed in secondary schools. The farthest my high school boyfriend and I made it was some “passionate” hand-holding and a peck our senior year (it was very daring at the time).

Anyway, as a college student in Florida, I realized I was a bit of an endangered species. I made the mistake of casually mentioning my status to a roommate when she asked me if I had any contraceptives I could contribute to her and her boyfriend’s playtime.

“Shut up! No seriously, shut up! Adam come down here, you’ll never believe it!”

I was utterly confused. I’ve never been to Greece either. What’s the big deal?

When people get comfortable enough to ask, the questions come flying in. “How can you be a virgin, you curse like a sailor” or “but you have black underwear” or my favorite “but you love Sex and the City.” I’m told I don’t act like a virgin, talk like a virgin or look like a virgin. My question is; what does a virgin act, talk and look like?

I remember when the media went crazy after  finding out Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson weren’t sexually active (circa 1999 for the youngins). I couldn’t understand the fascination. You would think they found the cure to a terminal illness or discovered a new species. I also remember Christina Aguilera being portrayed as the bad pop princess because she had the sense to not talk to the world about what she did behind closed doors.

It’s so odd; why should sex (or lack thereof) define a woman? While I would consider myself a very spiritual person, I’m not a virgin because I’m afraid of going to hell. I think everyone reaches a point when they are ready to have sex. I’m not ready. It’s a personal choice; like shoes. So dear readers, tell me:

Why do you think people – especially women – are judged by how much sex they are or aren’t having? Do you look at people differently if you find out they are or aren’t virgins?