I was cursed with being of Italian and Cherokee heritage. I have dark eyes, dark hair, and fair skin. (However that happened, I don't know). This also means that my overly abundant hair and dark hair pigment is the same for all over my body. Now that doesn't mean I have a gorilla furry face, but I do have more facial hair than I would like to have.

It's embarrassing too! I was picked on as a little girl because I had thick eyebrows and a "mustache". I was picked on so badly that I shaved off my mustache in 5th grade and started plucking my eyebrows. I screwed up the first time.

Then in middle school I was picked on because I had hairy arms than the other girls. It was still fine and thin hair, but apparently they noticed. I shaved that too.

But now that I'm older I am still embarrassed by the hair that I see on the sides of my face. Its not visible in photos, or from a distance, but when I look I see it, and that's all it takes to really upset me. I don't know what to do.

How can I get rid of it, or at least make it less visible? I don't want to shave it obviously. Laser hair removal isn't an option. Advice?

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