Question: Every weekend I go through the same routine: What will I wear to dinner? What will I wear out dancing? And every weekend I end up wearing the same outfit:

Jeans and a tank top with a black blazer. I don't feel cute or dressed up when I go out. Most of what I wear, I can get away with wearing during the day on a nice summer afternoon. I'm in need of serious fashion advice and tips on cute, classy, and trendy ideas on night life outfits and tops. What are some good outfits and where can I buy them? —JK

Answer: Ah yes, the jeans/tank top rut. Been there, done that (and still do it on occasion!) There's no harm wearing the tried-and-true if it makes you feel great, but you've admitted to feeling uncute, so here are three completely new party outfits to help you break away from the boring. Consider this part one of my answer. In part two, I'll cover cute going-out tops that will breathe new life into your old jeans. And for more great outfit ideas, definitely check out the celebrity style section of my blog; I feature celebs mostly to show how their stylists piece together simple yet stylish ensembles, then I break it down for the budget-babe set.

Now, on to the outfits!

1. Dresses. One piece and you're done. Well, almost. You will of course need to shave and you will need shoes—possibly jewelry and a matching handbag—but other than that: One piece, and you're done.

Wet Seal at ShopStyle

2. Short shorts.
Swap your jeans for chic black shorts and add a loose-fitting top that covers the waist, yet still allows you to see the shorts underneath, lest onlookers wonder, "Is she wearing any pants?"

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

3. Skirt + tank top. There's a skirt shape to flatter every figure; pick yours in a bright hue or stylish print and pair it with a simple, solid tank (or tee if you'd prefer to cover some arm).

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Where to shop for "going-out" clothes on a budget:

Do you ever find yourself in a clothes rut? Which look would you totally wear for a night out on the town?

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