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No matter where we are, my dad always seems to find some sort of hardware store that he just has to visit (I have ‘fond’ memories of being eleven and in tears amongst drill bits and screws in a random Home Depot).

This week, my family came to visit and we ventured down the Jersey Shore in search of sun and sand (and, in my case, sleep). Somewhere along the way Dad’s radar went off and I found myself in Kmart. Awesome.

As I waded through rack upon rack of Mom Jeans and stretch pants, something covered in strawberries caught my eye…

How adorable is this sundress (above)? And for $17 in Kmart, of all places.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice but I swear it’s cute.  Falling to mid-thigh and with a gathered waist, it’s perfect for sunny summer days and I already know it’s going to feature heavily in my wardrobe.

Do you like this dress? Do you go clothes-hunting at K-Mart?

Guest blog submitted by Lovely Disco