For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Jonas (oldest of the Jonas brothers) popped the question to his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa and they’re getting married. Check out the story, the proposal was cute. He’s 21, she’s 22 and I’m thinking whoa. After whoa, I thought “Wow they’re too young,” then I remembered I could have been married by now.

I actually have a wedding box (that’s a completely different post) and I was planning on graduating from college, moving back to Nigeria and marrying my high school sweetheart. Well, I’m not in Nigeria and I’m not with the boyfriend (douche) and I can’t even imagine getting married now. Things change I guess. But I want to know:

What’s the earliest age you’d consider getting married? Has the number changed? Does it depend on the person you’re with or are you sticking it out till you reach your “dirty thirties” regardless of whether Mr. Perfect comes along or not?