In my Shecky's newsletter today, there was a great shop article about Heels That Don't Hurt. Even though I'm tall, I still love me some heels, especially on a night out. I suffer through the pain because they are just too cute.

Speaking solely about high heels, here's my theory:

If heels are really cute, they are going to hurt after a while. If you have comfy heels, they're probably ugly. Every time I have heard a woman say, "These shoes are so comfortable," I look down at her feet and what do I see? Fugly heels. Of course I'll just nod and say, "That's great!"

Back to the article, Shecky's said La Duca shoes were created by a former dancer and have hidden arch supports & memory foam padding. The heel is positioned in a way where the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the foot.

I immediately flew onto La Duca's site to find they do have some really pretty shoes, but was not too happy about the price, ranging anywhere from $325 and up. BUT if these are really comfy and I can wear them all night long, I honestly would pay double. I just can't spend $400 online wondering if I'll like the shoe or if it'll fit. I would much rather go to a Brick & Mortar store and try it on there. Unfortunately the B&M stores are limited, with none in the LA or San Diego area.

If anyone has a pair, please share your thoughts. I would love to know what you think so you can help me justify buying these online. ;)

Here are my top picks from their site, in no particular order:

Marilyn Black/White

The red with white polka dots are too die for as well.


JoEllen Red Rose

I adore the big, obnoxious flower on these.

Marilyn Stiletto

Because you always need a classic black heel.

Which of these is your favorite? Would you splurge on these shoes? 

Guest blog submitted by Idaretocompare