I am (by far) not an expert on makeup application. Though I have picked up a lot of tricks along the way and love sharing them with anyone that’s willing to listen.

Recently, I quit by full time job to pursue my dream allowing me to have a lot more time on my hands. One of the things I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time to is to making customized how to video clips for the brides that have trialed with JAC.

I must admit, that it’s been a little frustrating because 1) I didn’t have a nice camera till about 3 days ago 2) I don’t know how to edit the video 3) it takes forever for 1 video clip to load to youtube =(

But I manage and without further ado – HOW TO: for Rosemari

Bridal – Howto – Pink – Part 1 – Click Here

Product list from Rosemari’s trial:


Skin care: I started off by using a cleansing towel to clear you skin. (it’s so important to start with clean skin to be sure your foundation stays put all day)
- next I used the ARBONNE RE9 spray toner
Primer: Kevin Aucoin primer - one of my fav primers. it really helps even out the skin
Foundation: Laura Mercier
Setting powder: Prescriptives Matte pressed powder – this helps the foundation stay set
Concealer: Giella


Primer: Too Faced Eye shadow insurance
MAC shadows: sweet lust  &  da bling
Liner: MAC gel liner in blacktrack
Mascara: Fiberwig

FALSE LASHES: Shisem (korean brand)

Bronzer: Kevin Aucoin – Natura
Blush: cream blush by stila in peony and estee lauder- peach  nuance

Liner: Kevin Aucoin – Bare
Lipgloss: Stila – gumdrop << discontinued :(


My friends Rosemari & James - Photo by WAYNE YUAN

My friends Rosemari & James - Photo by WAYNE YUAN

Did you find the tutorial helpful? What makeup colors would you want for your wedding? (No matter how far away that is ).

Guest blog submitted by JAC Beauty