Unfortunately, many Asian girls are not very well endowed in the chest department! Boo.


I never complained about it when I was growing up. However, my high school friends always told me about “boob foods”; the magical foods that we should eat a lot of to increase our bust size.

The famous boob foods are papayas, avocados, and papaya milk:

Papaya is a great source of vitamin A and C, while avocados are full of healthy monosaturated fats. But… where did the boob stuff come in? Breasts are made of fatty tissue. If you ate a whole bunch of papayas and avocados (or anything!), your boobs could grow bigger, but so would the rest of your body.

I did a quick search of published peer reviewed journal articles at my university’s library and found that there is no published evidence or actual clinical trials on bust-enhancing herbal products.

I did find though that the average breast size has increased over time, especially in western countries. This could be due to the obesity epidemic or the environmental pollutants and industrial waste that mimic the effects of estrogen.

The birth control pill is also more commonly used today. It didn’t even exist when our grandmothers were born! Estrogen will increase the water retention in your body, hence one will be more endowed!

I think the belief that papayas and avocados will increase your breast size is a myth that mostly Asians believe in. Have you ever heard of these boob foods? What other boob foods have you heard of?

“F-Cup Cookies” in Japan 😛