I had a conversation on Messenger with my friend, Maggie, about long hair on girls and how I think long hair is so sexy and hot and I’m going to explain why.

Most guys have short hair and the ones that have long or longer hair are more than likely not going to play with their own hair. LOL…

1. Long hair gives the guy something to play with.

There is nothing nothing better than running your hands through your girl’s long hair. It just feels so good, especially if they take good care of it and it’s soft and silky…

2. Long hair on girls just looks right.

I’m not trying to say short hair is bad, because some girls actually don’t look too bad with their hair short, but for most short hair on girls just doesn’t look right, at least to me it doesn’t.

3. Long hair is sexy, but not all the time.

Here’s an example of the difference between sexy long hair and not so sexy long hair.


Not Sexy 

Dry frizzy long hair is not sexy at all. Curly hair can be sexy if it is treated well and if you have naturally curly hair. I prefer straight hair or just a little bit of waves, but permed hair, not sexy at all.

4. Long hair gives the guy something to show off on their girl.

Not every girl has silky sexy long hair, for the ones that do and have a boyfriend, I bet they’re boyfriend loves it, because when they go out other guys will be like damn he’s lucky to have a girl with such gorgeous long hair.

I can’t really think of anything else at the moment. I hope this helps all you girls that have long hair and whether or not you should cut it or keep it long. I know there are some guys that like short hair but I think that is a small community and it is not worth cutting your hair for someone especially if you like long hair yourself. I don’t know how, but most Asian girls have long silky hair. I don’t know how they do it or if it is just genetics…Maggie you are one of them. 😀

Do you agree with these thoughts on long hair and attractiveness?  In your opinion, what hair length works best on a girl ?