I was on people.com earlier and happened across this gem of Kim Kardashian guest starring on The N's Beyond the Break. Ch-ch-check it out: Kim's Guest Starring Role 

Kim Kardashian follows in a long line of celebrities with different "talents." From The Hills star Lauren Conrad's foray into fiction to most of the Gossip Girl cast working on albums, no one seems to be satisfied with one gig anymore. And why should they?

Normal (ha) people don't only have one interest; they dabble in all of their passions while paying the bills. I think it's great when talented people spread their wings and expand and all that great stuff, but can someone name one person in the entertainment industry right now who is really a triple threat? I'm talking about someone who's -oh I don't know- acting is on par with their singing and their fashion house? Because it seems like we have a whole lot of people who excel in one area and are mediocre in the others.

Is it better to focus all of your energy on  being the best at something or is it better to do it all if given the opportunity? Who is a triple threat?