Taking care of our skin can be really simple. Never overdo or over indulge in any particular cream or item on your face; it may lose its effectiveness if used excessively.

Here's a really simple skincare regime to follow:

My Day / Night routine :

I always like to wash my face with a mild cleanser in the morning. Actually, a good splash of lukewarm water is good enough to wake up the skin.

Next, apply lotion to your face. I have 3 different ways of doing this simple step. I either,

(a) just apply it on with my bare hands, or I

(b) use a clean cotton facial cloth mask, wet it with water and gently squeeze dry. Pour generous portion of lotion onto the entire wet cotton facial mask, place it over your skin and leave it on for 5 mins to allow the skin to absorb the lotion.

(c)wet cotton squares with water and gently squeeze dry. Pour lotion onto wet cotton squares and repeatedly dab all over the face.

Apply slight pressure when dabbing to allow the skin to better absorb the lotion. When cotton square feels dry, pour more lotion. The lotion helps to replenish the moisture lost from the skin. It also prepares the skin for it to absorb the cream you'll apply later better.

~wait for 5 mins before next step~

Next, apply serum. Serum is like a nutritional treat for your skin. It further locks the moisture in as well as penetrates the deep dermis of your skin. Put it on slowly in dabbing motions or rub it in a circular and upward direction. Never tug your skin by pulling it downwards. Such upward massages will actually REALLY improve sagging skin over time.

~wait for 5 mins before next step~

Do not use a generous amount of moisturizer. More doesn't mean it will be better. Use a thin layer on the skin. This acts as a seal to lock the serum into your skin.


This is a personal tip: I wrap up 1 or 2 ice cubes in polythene wrap (cling wrap) and using it, gently dab it all over the skin for approx. 3 min. This helps to close the pores and lock in the moisture and serum.

As there are no four seasons in where I live, this is a very good way to perk up the skin and treat heated skin. The alternating hot weather with cool ice pack should help improve skin elasticity. However, do not use this in winter! I guess that’s self explanatory!

Most importantly : EXERCISE! - after pilates class

Do you have any other tips?