The Color Wheel

I went fishing the other day and just stood there in awe of the world. The peaceful ocean, the blue sky, and just spending a relaxing day with my Yug. Nature has definitely created a balance for humankind especially in this crazy world. Even when it comes to colors! Nature has figured out a way to counterbalance everything in existence.

Now that you know what all the different color primers are used for, I want to show you how that theory came about. But first we must look at this…

The Color Wheel (above)

Let’s look at the color green. As you can see the opposite of green is red. Hence, the green primer is used to minimize redness in your skin tone.

The opposite of purple is yellow and so forth. These colors compliment and balance each other. To prove my point see below:


So when choosing your primer color or even your foundation, keep the color wheel in mind. It will be most helpful. For me, I have a bit of the pink undertones to my skin. So I tend to use foundations colors that have a yellow or olive undertone to balance out my complexion.

This may sound ridiculously time consuming and heavy, but sometimes I use a green primer around my nose and mouth (where I have red spots) and a illuminating primer on my cheeks. To give off that glowy, dewy look.

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