Ever since I started wearing make-up in the 7th grade, I have never been able to find a foundation that matched my skin tone.  I am extremely fair and have tried 99% of the drugstore brands.  All of them have made my skin turn orange or very yellow.  Even the lightest shades available give me a mask.


Once I got a job that paid better, I started trying more expensive brands like The Body Shop and MAC.  Even using MAC, which I am still currently using, I get an orange mask covering my face.  I have gotten closer to my skin tone than ever before, but it’s still noticeably different.  I use Studio Fix, Shade N3.  I was told this is the lightest shade that MAC carries. 
Not only is my skin extremely light, but also very oily.  I have been struggling with the problem of finding a light enough shade, along with the problem of finding make-up that suits my oily skin.  I have yet to find a makeup that stops my skin from being shiny after an hour and a half.  My skin is also very sensitive and breaks out easily.
Does anybody have the same problem as I do?  Can anybody suggest a brand or shade of makeup that is very, very light?  What stores carry these super light shades?