Source: The Nibble

So today I am going kick off the first piece to my fabulous recessionista series to share my formula for a quick and easy brown sugar facial scrub. I find that harsh exfoliation only encourages rough skin buildup. Your face is not a car; it does not need to be buffed. 

This is a popular formula that multiple high-end brand sells for high-end prices, when in fact you can just make it at home for a few bucks. 

Crazy isn’t it what we do for brand names? 

This scrub combines three of the most simple yet effective ingredients for an effective spring cleaning to unclog pores and sweep away the dry rough patches. 

Like any homemade remedies, it is important to know which ingredient have what properties. For this, there’s olive oil for softening the skin, brown sugar for gentle exfoliation, and honey for soothing effect. 

But why brown sugar? Because sugar is too fine, salt is too rough, and brown sugar is just right and creamy. 

Brown Sugar Scrub

1). Mix 3 table spoon equal parts of warm extra virgin olive oil (hint: WARM, not HOT!!  Mix well to avoid hot spots that might burn) and store bought brown sugar.  

2). Starting with one table spoon of honey, add into your scrub and mix well.  Add more until your mixture becomes gooey.  Depending on the ingredients you use, you can adjust the amount of each ingredient until your scrub becomes the desire texture, a gooey and slightly sticky mix.  

3). Now apply it to a clean and damp face and gently scrub for 1-2 minutes, concentrating on the rough patches. 

4). Wash your scrub off with warm water, and follow with a facial treatment or moisturizer.  Enjoy your smooth skin.   

This can be repeated once to twice a week for best results.


  • A scrub should never leave your skin feeling raw or pink.   
  • Always moisturize after using a scrub to prevent water loss.
  • Any skincare products should be catered to personal needs.
  • Avoid harsh skincare containing acid or alcohol after scrubs. 
  • Although it’s a scrub, don’t treat your face like a bathtub. 

What do you use to exfoliate? Do you have any exfoliation horror stories? Is exfoliation a part of your regular skin routine?