Let’s face it.  None of us like the smell of b.o.  It’s disgusting and should be outlawed, if such a thing were possible. 

For all of us stinkers (pun absolutely intended) out there, you basically have three options. 

Ignoring it, putting on deodorant, or applying antiperspirant.  Most of the world feels this is the order that each option is desired from worst to best.  I disagree. It should be applying antiperspirant, ignoring it, then putting on deodorant.

I can almost hear the cries now, “But antiperspirant keeps you all nice and fresh and dry!” Yes that may be but why do we sweat in the first place? To keep cool and to get rid of toxins.  It’s a natural body process that shouldn’t be hampered…

To summarize, applying antiperspirant is very harmful to your body because it prevents the release of toxins, and keeps your body from utilizing its natural built in air conditioner. 

Ignoring it is pretty bad, although not harmful to your body.

Putting on deodorant gives you the smell coverage and makes your body and all your friends happy.

So what do you people use? Do you agree with my above statements that antiperspirant is the worst option?