MAC's Saint Germain Lipstick

I know this color is not for everyone, but I find myself feverishly in love with MAC's Saint Germain lipstick from its Sugarsweet Collection. I've been looking for new makeup colors to go with my freshly dyed blue-black hair, and the stunning barbie pink Saint Germain lip color creates a surprisingly good effect.

This is of course not an everyday lip color, but I just want to recommend this to the girls out there who are wishing to have a change of look for the summer just like me.

I think Saint Germain would work best on those who are sporting a cool tone hair color (such as blue-black, platinum blond, ash brown) and have an olive/cool pale skin color.

I have a weak spot for pastel colors, because they remind me of yummy candies and cupcakes. Yes, sadly almost everything that I like in life is somehow related to food.

What do you think of MAC's Saint Germain lipstick color?  What's your favorite lipstick shade?