I was talking to my boyfriend about Aspirin Masks, and he thought it was too weird. He then told me that in Spain, it’s very popular to use the slime from snails on your skin, because it’s good for your skin. I didn’t believe him at all, but then I looked it up and I was shocked and kind of grossed out.

Snail slime has a whole bunch of stuff in it that benefits your skin.

One property is something called allantoin. The main benefit is that it promotes the faster shedding of dead skin cells to improve your overall complexion and make it brighter, prevent acne from forming, and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s also helpful with healing wounds.  It also has copper peptides, which are used for tissue regeneration. It helps with scars and wrinkles.

So all in all, it looks like it would be really helpful to improve your overall complexion. I didn’t go into great detail researching, and I haven’t tried it for myself, so I can’t say more about it.

Have you ever tried anything with snail slime in it?