We asked what the best shampoo for dyed hair is. Taking care of hair color with shampoo and conditioner is advisable because it makes color last longer and enhances that vibrant sheen without drying out your locks. Your top picks appear below.

1. Redken

Definitely the Redken color products.  I love how they make my hair look and they have UV protection to help the color last longer, especially now that it's summer. 


2. Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences (for colored hair or the hydrating one) and John Freida both worked well for me. I've been coloring my hair for the past seven years and every hairstylist comments on how healthy and thick my hair is. -disorderedpersonality

3. Made from Earth

I received a sample of the “Made from Earth” Tea & Protein Herbal Shampoo from Sephora, when I bought another Made from Earth skin product. I couldn't believe it when I tried it. It's wonderful, it smells great (my boyfriend loved it), it got my hair really clean and left it soft and with some body, not limp and greasy feeling.

I will only use Made from Earth products from now on, they really are the best for your health.  Its cheaper to buy on the madefromearth.com website though, than actually going into sephora…I guess sephora raises their prices…. -paulaqqq

I recently dyed my hair. I've been using John Frieda Radiant Red, but I was wondering if there are other shampoos out there. My friend mentioned Pantene Pro-V.

What shampoo do you recommend for dyed hair?