5 Reasons I Love My Boobs!

I love my boobs! This whole post is going to be about how awesome my boobs are. I have slightly bigger boobs than my friends. In other words they are all B’s and I am well not. They don’t think about this and they say things like they would never even want to be C sized because that would add on weight.

Or that if they had D’s, guys wouldn’t like them, only their boobs. I just sit there annoyed. They know my size. Why do you have to diss when your friend is right there? So you know what? I am a proud of my 34 D.

1. They are squishy. Squishy boobs are so much fun to play with. For other people more so than myself, but they also give you a little padding if you lay on your tummy or something.

2. They are mine, so they must be awesome. I think I am super cool, so my boobs, which are a part of me, must be too.

3. Although bras are so hard to find, that makes each cute bra that much better. Most people just grab whatever, but I look. I spend time trying to find things that would make me happy, because my boobs make me happy. Really, the easy to find A’s or B’s are more childish. The only ones I can find are more adultish, more sexy. So instead of bright childish colors, I have sexy. So there.

4. Because my boobs are big, it makes me look a little less fat. I mean sure I have a few pounds on my friends, but I am also several inches taller, and size D boobs weigh about 5 pounds. So it gives me a little reason why I can take a day off running.

5. You know what, yeah, they do give me attention sometimes. I don’t need to wear super low cut shirts to get the boob attention. Yes, a lot of the time, the guys that notice you for your boobs aren’t nice, but really, who doesn’t look at physical appearence first at least sometimes.

I am in no way a shallow whore (just look at my last two boyfriends ahah), but really we all have judged people by their looks at least once. So sometimes, they turn out to be great guys.

So all I have to say is, I love my boobs.

How do you feel about your chest?  Are you happy with your size?