It's kind of funny how some of my friends commented that I am getting cranky with my skin care ideas. I have actually blogged about this before, but I wonder if anyone has noticed that as I put the method together with my egg white skin facial.

Not many may know that the membrane under the shell of an egg actually has a miraculous shrinking effect which helps when used on the face. Today I put that egg membrane to the test again. Its shrinking effects never fail to amaze me!

I do have blackheads on my nose which I religiously remove once a week. After all the face steaming, baking soda to remove them and dry out the oil, blackheads removal strip, and occasional light squeezing with the blackhead removal tool, the pores are pretty much left starkly open.

I would use a freshly cracked egg. Remove the egg contents (you can save it in a container to use for daily facial treatments). Gently peel off the shell till you are able to pull out pieces of the inner membrane lining the shell. The membrane is rich in nutrients which are also found in the egg white. Use it while it's wet, spread it out over (in this case) my nose. Wait for it to dry out.

This will take approximately 15-20 minutes. While playing the waiting game, you can actually feel gentle throbbing over the nose. This is the amazing part!!! You can literally feel it tightening.

Some people may find it a little painful. If it becomes unbearable, peel it off! For people with very sensitive skin, be cautious when doing this as the tightening effect may be too strong for the skin.

When it dries out, this is how it will look like. Haha see the little bit of shell stuck onto my nose. Peel it off, and wash out with clean water. Your skin will feel really smooth and delicate.

*My nose appears slightly red after the procedure. The redness should disappear in a very short while. This came about from the "shrinking" effect of the egg membrane.

I would love to hear feedback from my readers, should you wish to try it. It really amazes me and I love its shrinking power! It feels so good as compared too any kind of pore tightening lotion you can find in the market. Have fun! =)

Will you give this home remedy a try?  What skin care home remedies do you use?