About two months ago, I gave Mane ‘n Tail a shot. All I’ve heard raves of how great of a miracle worker this shampoo and conditioner is. People say, you can feel and see healthier, shinier, and stronger hair just upon the first use. Even the bottle says it.

I did not completely believe it, but it must do something wonderful for the hair right?


Upon first use, a great amount of my hair fell out! Now, I have pretty healthy hair, but it is stick straight and fairly thin. Just your typical “Asian” hair.

It is also famously hard to help your hair grow faster. That’s why I bought it. So, despite the fact that my hair was falling out like crazy during and after my shower, I tried it for another three weeks.

The end result? Needing to shower every day, because it made my hair feel so dirty and greasy after +12 hours. Even right after the shower, my hair feels dirty and dry.

I noticed that it tangled more easily and my hair looked dull. Saddened by the results of this much hyped up product, I tried to use the conditioner as a leave-in (said you can on the bottle). Long hair + dime size + even distribution = crispy hair.

For those of you who still want to try it, the shampoo and conditioner can be safely used on both your horse and yourself (it has different directions for humans).

For those who have tried it, how did it work for you? Has anyone found that this or any other shampoo and conditioner make your hair grow faster and stronger?