Many Asians are not born with double eyelids. Having single eyelids thus makes our eyes look smaller. Even when some of us are blessed with that crease above our eyes, our double eyelid profile is very different from the westerners.
So, how do we actually choose our eyeshadows?

There are a million and one colors and often we do not know where and how to start.

There are a few colors which are staples for us. As we have slightly smaller profiled eyes, dark colours like dark grey, black, plum, brown, bronze works very well for us.

Asian skin tones usually look best in muted earthy colors. Its an advantage for us, as we can pull off the smokey eye look so effortlessly. Our dark hair and brown eyes allow us to use very dark colours. You just need to know how to blend it out with a light colour to avoid looking like a punched out moron.

Use multi-layering of your eye shadow colors to enhance your look. Therefore always introduce a play of colour. When it comes to more adventurous tones, such as sky blue, green, light hues of pink, yellow, purple etc., my rule is to pair them off with one of those neutral colors (dark grey, black, plum, brown, bronze). With this, you can hardly go wrong.


1. Shimmer blue goes with bronze and will be a very refreshing combination
2. Light baby pink with dark grey enhances the eye definition as baby pink makes the eye look bigger, and the dark grey gives it a stronger accent
3. Silver to go with plum is another nice combination to use at night

A touch of glitter adds interest to your eyes. 

For Asian eyes, always remember that our eyes are our most important feature. We should always finish off the look with black eyeliner and mascara. This is because black works best for enhancing those almond shaped eyes. Fake lashes may then be used to open the eyes up.

Anyone have more interesting color combinations of eyeshadows to share? :)