I was having a conversation with a friend of mine a few days ago and we somehow managed to talk about eyelids.  For whatever reason, he was talking to me about how Asian girls have a little bit of a harder time putting on makeup because they didn’t have double eyelids. 

I was wondering what he was talking about and he told me to take a closer look at his eyes.  I realized he didn’t have that little fold that most people had… and I was amazed.  I am Asian myself, and I have double eyelids, as well as the rest of my family and most of my Asian friends… but it may possibly be because I am Filipino and Japanese that this becomes a physical trait. 

My friends are all Filipino so they all have double eyelids as well.  After that day, I kept thinking about this whole “double eyelid” conversation and I started to notice that most Asians (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc) didn’t have double eyelids. 

Today, I was taking one of those little surveys on facebook and it asked me if I knew what an “ulzzang” was.  I looked it up and it basically means your “best face” in Korean.  As I scrolled down the website, there was basically a tutorial on how to be an ulzzang.  Here’s the link.

I guess I never had a problem because I always thought everyone had double eyelids… but I see more and more Asians trying to make themselves have double eyelids.  On this website, the girl puts on “eyelid glue,” which is basically glue that sticks your eyelids together in order to create that crease. 

I youtubed this and I watched this Japanese girl’s tutorial on how to put on eyelid glue.  To create the double eyelid effect, they push their eyelids inwards as far as they can from the eye with a little tool.  The glue lasts for about two to three hours and then they just remove it when they’re done.  When you want to remove the glue, you simply peel it off.

After the video was over, I was prompted to watch some other videos… but one video caught my eye.  Tyra Banks decided to interview a Korean woman who just went through double eyelid surgery, which is apparently very common in the Asian community. 

The woman seemed hesitant as to what she was going to say about getting eyelid surgery and Tyra went off on her, saying she wasn’t being very truthful about why she got the surgery done… considering she was only twenty five years old. 

I found it really bizarre that women in the Asian community would go through surgery in order to gain that little fold in their eyes.  It seems very minuscule to me but I read on a few forums that some women would rather have double eyelids in order to make them feel prettier. 

I don’t believe it’s much harder to put on eyeliner on someone who has single eyelids as compared to someone who has double eyelids.  I sometimes even get that smear in my crease where my eyeshadow folds in because my eyelids are oily.  My eyeliner also tends to smear into the crease of my eyes.  People with single eyelids may not have that problem.  I personally think Asian women are beautiful and exotic. 

I would understand if most people went through bletharoplasty (plastic surgery of the eyelids to stop the drooping) to make them look younger, but do double eyelids make you look younger?  Your eyes become wider with this eyelid glue, but does that really mean you would want to look “more Caucasian,” as it said in Tyra’s video? 

I’ve been made fun of because I was Asian, but never have I heard of someone being made fun of because of having single or double eyelids.  I think people should be happy with what God gave them and they shouldn’t alter themselves to look like someone else… because in reality, you are you and no one can change your genetic makeup… you can only pass it down to your kids.

What would you prefer:  single or double eyelids?  What are your thoughts on how eyelids should be?