Due to far east industrialization and growing globalization, fast fashion stores have sprung up around the country in droves.  Fast fashion stores provide of the moment trendy wares for cheap prices and turn their inventory quickly. 

Entering one of these stores can be overwhelming, from the amount of choices to the cheap prices and masses of excited shoppers.  It is well worth braving the crowds to enter these stores for the smart finds, and herein is a guide to help sort out which stores do what best.

Forever 21

This fast fashion store is my personal favorite, and I try to go once every one to two weeks to see the new wares.  I find this store to be particularly strong at accessories - they are always of the moment and sometimes look very special and expensive. 

I have found the best $4-5 funky acrylic bangles that look just like $100 styles you'll see at a boutique by Alexis Bittar.  Also to note are their belts, clutches, and sunglasses.  You'll never need to save up for another pair of designer sunglasses after reviewing their ever growing selection.


This European based chain is best for their men's fashion - always classic, well cut, but with a subtle European attitude.  Male readers, please do visit this store often for their $30 jeans, cool graphic tees, and lean suits. 

For the ladies the store also hits the right note in particular with swimwear and cute but work appropriate dresses.  If you happen to speak Finnish, Swedish, or German, you can have a special treat and check out the retailer's online store at http://shop.hm.com/


Spain based Zara has higher prices than Forever 21 and H&M, but maintains the same passion for quick fashion and low prices.  Think dresses starting at $30 as opposed to $15.  The store in particular carries fantastic shoes at affordable choices, typically cheaper and cooler than selections at Nine West or Aldo. 

One note is to be careful of the shoe sizing, as they tend to run small.  The other item to pick up at this store are their jackets - blazer, military, or motorcycle in style.  They tend to have a great fit and very fair price, and you'll wear them with everything.

And this is a guide to my favorite fast fashion stores.  Do you like these stores as well?  Perhaps I missed your favorite fast fashion store?