Best Shampoo for Dandruff?

What is the best body wash for back acne? The most helpful answers appear below:

It’s not a real body wash, but the original formula of Head and Shoulders for dandruff has helped people with body acne. The pyrithione zinc works as an active ingredient as an antibacterial and can keep the area “clean.”

Also, it depends on why the acne has come about. I got the worst back acne when I neglected moisturizing my back, and it sounds as though there is some sort of correlation in your situation. As BenevolentOne said, hot showers can dry your skin out more, and the more moisture that is removed from your skin, the more it will try to overcompensate — anywhere.

All of the oil it’s trying to build to keep your skin moist could be clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Back when this was a major problem for me, I would step out of the shower (hot showers) and without drying myself, slather a light layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on my back right away. Granted, this is not foolproof for acne, but it does help with dry skin.

Regardless, you should keep all of your skin well moisturized with something that can retain water well – you have a key 3 minutes after stepping out of the shower to moisturize. I found traditional acne-geared cleansers and body washes to be too harsh, and it just exacerbated my problemed skin. (- pinkdagger@xanga)

More on the Head and Shoulders solution:

Okay, no joke, I had horrible horrible bacne. Use Head and Shoulders classic clean shampoo. During the shower scrub with a  loofah, after shower, scrub again (yeah you’ll be soapy) blot off with towel and get dressed.

At night just loofah with it again and get dressed for bed. It only takes 2 minutes! Do it when you are brushing your teeth or something.

This somehow fades scars and stopped my breakouts. I read this from an acne website and it worked for others as well. JUST do it! lol good luck! (- Eyes_Herself@xanga)


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Best Body Wash for Back Acne

I’ve always had clear skin, but lately the skin on my back feels really dry, and I’ve noticed some back acne.

I usually use Herbal Essences as my body wash, but I’m thinking of switching over to a body wash made specifically for acne. The only one I know of is Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?