The other day in my Psychology class, the professor wanted to do an experiment with the students and divided them up into two different groups: blue eyes and brown eyes. The blue eyed people were to go to the right of the class while the brown eyed people moved to the left side of class. I, on the other hand, stood by myself in the middle.

The professor asked if I was confused and I stated simply that I had green eyes and wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go.

He seemed surprised that I had green eyes and said that this was the first time today that someone had green eyes.

I was then reminded of a video I had seen a couple semesters ago, I believe it was called A Class Divided, where she in a sense separated the glass into two groups, blue eyed people and brown eyed people. Well what about those of us who have green eyes? I understand that blue eyes and brown eyes are more common, but is it really rare for someone to have green eyes? 

Why is eye color such a big deal? (Or is it?). What color eyes do you wish you had?