Shampoos That Make You Go Bald

So over this past winter break, my sister and I sat in front of our computer and tried to figure out what shampoo was not only cheap, but also good for our hair. As we read blogs, we found out that 95% of shampoo's contain a cleaning agent that not only cleans your hair, but also stunts hair growth and causes you to lose your hair in the long term.

Not believing what we had just read, we headed over to our local CVS and read the backs of all of the shampoos that were lined up on the shelves, and sure enough, each and every one of them contained Sodium Laurel Sulfate, or another form of SLS.

Disappointed by our findings, I decided to pick up one last shampoo that I had never heard of, Naked Naturals. It contained no SLS and had extra protein that strenthened hair up to 7X's. I quickly grabbed the first bottle and ran home to give it a try. I have been using Naked Naturals for about two months now, and my hair has never felt any better.

With $7 a bottle and three types of shampoos ranging from colored to frizzy hair, I love this product and I was just wondering if anyone else knows of shampoos that do not contain SLS and are on the cheap side. I know Berts Bees also has shampoos that do not contain SLS. Feel free to give any suggestions ranging from shampoos to good hair care products.