I’m sure you’ve read stories about women who say that they have too much hair. But I have more hair than the average woman (not to gross you out).

I don’t usually share this because it’s embarrassing (yes, I’m sinking in my chair right now), but I need your opinions.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always made fun of because I had too much hair… everywhere! Even my doctors said, “Did you always have this much body hair?” I had guys at schools look at my arms and say, “Oh my  God! You look like an ape!” Yeah, it was traumatizing. If that’s not bad enough, I had to start shaving my legs at like six years old because they were hairy. I couldn’t even wear shorts because I looked like Chewbacca’s long lost daughter. Plus, my dark features definitely didn’t help the situation. 

Until this day, I’m still as hairy as can be. I shave my legs so that’s no longer an issue (even though I shave them religiously because my hair grows really fast) and other necessary areas, and I use a finishing touch on my arms and hands so they don’t look like I’m growing a forest. But I have a hairy stomach and lower back and I hate it! I can’t wear a two-piece bathing suit because of it. Thankfully, I don’t have a bush growing on my stomach, but it doesn’t look flattering. And I hate being self-conscious when I bend down or stretch and my shirt lifts up a little. I mean, it’s not HORRIBLE, but it’s definitely not attractive.

The issue is I don’t know what to do. My doctor suggested waxing it all off. Well, I did that, but my hair grew back the same week, and I have sensitive skin so I started to break out. And laser hair removal is so expensive, and with the amount of hair that they’d need to remove, forget about it.

Two words: I’m screwed.

I blame it on my Sicilian genes!

Does anyone have suggestions for me? Is there anyone out there who has the same issue?