Guest blog submitted by XoAsianBabioX

It seems to be a growing trend. This trend I speak of is leggings. 

Wearing leggings is a great way to show off your body without showing too much skin. Best of all, they’re pretty cute. What I’ve noticed, though, is that girls are consistently forgetting to put something over them.

Every so often, I see a girl in leggings, without anything else covering them. No shorts. No skirt. No dress. Not even a long shirt. 

They wear leggings with a hip-lengthed shirt with it all hanging out. I find this to be completely tacky. It looks like you either are going to go workout sometime in the near future, or that you forgot to finish dressing.

I mean, we wouldn’t wear hose or tights alone. 

Why do leggings make the cut? Is it really fashionable to just wear leggings, or is it just tacky? Do you wear anything to cover your behind area?