By Iris@Lovelyish

I was at a salon recently, and I was dying my hair.

My hair stylist looked at my face, and in all seriousness asked, "Will we be dying the eyebrows too?"

Okay, chemical dye less than an inch away from each of my eyes does not sound like a good idea. And why would anyone dye their eyebrows (unless they were going from a blonde to a brunette, or vice versa)?!

I declined the offer. He said I'd look weird. I didn't care -- I didn't want red-black eyebrows.

A co-worker of mine dyed her hair, and it looked gorgeous. The next day I came in, and her eyebrows were dyed too.

I don't know if it's just an initial thing, but it looked like she had a powdery paint on her face. It got a little better, but her eyebrows were always the very first thing I looked at.

I think a slight difference between your hair color and your eyebrow color is not that bad, especially considering the alternative.

Have you ever dyed your eyebrows? In general, do you think dying one's eyebrows is a good idea?