Guest blog submitted by pinkpeekaboo

I had recently gotten my hair dyed for my birthday and hated it. I called my hairstylist and told her it wasn’t what I wanted, it looked red, not a dark blonde and that I needed it fixed. I asked about pricing, which I was fine paying for the color, but she wanted to charge me full price again to get it fixed. It hadn’t even been a week later and and I’m suppose to spend another $65 on top of the $100 already spent? I don’t think so!

I had my friend end up fixing it with… eek..

boxed dye in chocolate brown. I loved the color; it looked great. However, I found out that my hair had been completely damaged by all the blonde that I was doing for the last year, so my hair is horribly dry and brittle now. I was informed by my friend that putting dark on dark does not do any damage, it’s only when you go bleach and blonde or lighter where damage occurs. My color has faded a lot since then, and I’m looking at doing another dye to get rid of this dull look.

Will putting the same dark color on my dyed dark color damage my hair even more? And how do I get rid of this bad, frizzy, dull, dried hair? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.