Guest blog by Betsy_chen

I've decided to share on my blog some of the best beauty secrets that I swear by.

I use the Milk and Egg White facial mask on alternate days.  Here is what they can do for your skin:

Egg Whites (also known as albumen or ovalbumin):
1. Amazing whitening effect
2. Helps shrink pores very effectively
3. As it shrinks your pores, impurities from them are pushed out as well

4. Deep cleansing, especially from remains of makeup
5. Good for tightening of skin, wrinkles and fine lines
6. Oil balancing effect; for people with oily skin, egg white balances the oil secretion
7. Reduces redness and evens skin tone

1. Cracked open egg white should be kept in the fridge for reuse. Can be kept up to 5 days in an airtight container.
2. As it has a tightening and drying effect, apply alcohol-free toner and moisturizer after applying.
3. Could add lemon juice or milk or honey to it. However, add only to the bit that you want to apply on, not on the rest that is meant to be stored.
4. In my own opinion, adding additional stuff to the egg white is not necessary; the egg white alone is good enough (tried and tested ).
5. For people with combination to dry skin, try not to use it everyday. If so, doing it frequently is fine but just remember to use a good water based moisturizer as it absorbs into the skin better.
6. Whip the egg white so it becomes fluffy and foamy, then apply (it reduces the mess it creates). Scoop a little amount on a cotton pad and massage in circular motions into your skin.
Fresh Milk:
1. Whitening effect
2. Smooths the skin
3. Light tightening effect
4. Reduces redness on skin
5. Cleanses skin of impurities
6. Worked on my spot pigmentation. It just went off!!!

1. It is lighter than the egg mask, and dries out less.
2. To apply, just wet cotton pad with fresh milk. Any brand from a super market is fine.
3. Milk can definitely keep longer than egg whites
4. Use after cleansing makeup, before your toner and moisturizer to remove the stubborn impurities on your skin.

I have used the milk mask for years and when I started using it a long time ago, I remember colleagues and friends seeing a significant change in my skin in just a few days. Although I use my own DIY masks everyday, I have read articles that using a particular skincare everyday does not work so well; the product has lesser effect on the skin as it gets too used to it. I haven't figured out how true that is. I have normal-combination skin and I must say, works perfect for me. I have never splurged on skincare products, as they are never natural!
Photos of me with totally naked skin after my egg mask facial:

Do you have any kind of DIY mask recipes? Have you tried the milk or egg white one? Does this sound like something you'd try?