Guest blog submitted by x___insomniac

I see lots of girls with double piercings when I walk around school and the mall, and wonder who or what triggered this trend. Last year, I was bored with my simple pairs and decided to get another pair to spice up my look. I also thought, "Who looks at ears?" Do guys even notice if you have extra piercings? I got my piercings at a local mall and I remember it stinging a little -- like stapling an essay together.

After a couple months, I got bored with my look again. This was when I started seeing more and more girls with double piercings. So, I decided to be bold and get another pair in addition to my four piercings. I was determined to stand out. 

I don't know why, but when I started getting into piercings, I became addicted. I recently got my cartilage pierced, adding on to my collection of piercings -- which are all on my ears. I now have a grand total of seven (four on the left ear and three on the right, only one cartilage). I'm stopping there, though. There are too many holes on my ears already!

The cartilage didn't hurt at first and I was like "Oh hey, that wasn't so bad!" But then a few moments later,  I started to feel it (yes, the picture above is my real ear).

Anyway, do I have too much? I draw the line at pierced ears. I would never do facial or body piercings.

In my opinion, gauges can be absolutely disgusting. Whenever I see a guy with two gaping holes in his earlobes, I just have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to stick my finger in between the gauge and yank on it. Why do guys want to puncture a chunk of skin out of their earlobe?! If anything, it grosses me out and distracts me from his face. To me, it's not cute.

How much is too much for piercings? Do you have piercings (if so, how many)? What's your opinion on gauges and facial piercings?