Okay, before you laugh at me or scream "OLDIE" at your computer, just hear me out. Soap Operas are amazing. Yes, the drama can be annoying and the show can be completely unrealistic most of the times, but it makes for good entertainment.

I can't say that I watch a ton of soap operas. As a matter of fact, I am emotionally attached to one and only one show on the Soap Net channel: General Hospital. Sometimes I watch One Life to Live or Days of Our Lives, but watching GH every night at 10pm is my religion. And if I can't watch it at night, I'll sometimes stay up until 4 in the morning to watch the rerun. I'm a dork, I know... but it's part of my life now. I remember watching it when I was ten years old, taking a break from it, and then I became addicted to it again junior year of high school (almost 5 years ago).

If you asked me what the greatest thing about a soap opera is, I couldn't tell you. There's enough drama going on in the world, but the show just makes it much more entertaining. I mean, there's a mob, everyone sleeps with one another, and the story lines are so engaging. Oh, and there are some pretty good-looking guys and gals on there. So... why wouldn't anyone watch a soap opera?

What soap opera do you watch, if any? What is a guilty pleasure of yours?