Guest blog submitted by missblaze

I put on almost all the makeup you can put on your face, and my boyfriend hates it when I have so much on. He says, "I like your natural beauty better," but I just can't help it. Personally I think I look better with a pound of makeup on. I feel more confident with my hair done and my face caked.

Many men have told me I wear too much makeup but a lot of them like that I take the time to look good. My boyfriend doesn't go crazy or anything when I wear it, he just prefers my face natural. I love makeup though... I love bright and bold eyeshadow, glossy lip colors. I even shape and darken my eyebrows.

Bottom line is I love makeup and will not stop wearing it. I can't go anywhere without it because I think I look sickly.

Does your boyfriend or husband like you natural or with makeup on? Have your parents ever said anything to you about having too much makeup on?