Guest blog by x___insomniac

In my opinion, eyebrows can make or break a face. I’ve seen some people with pencil thin eyebrows and some with crazy hairy ones. Honestly, I think the hairier girls have it easier because they can have pretty nice eyebrows after having a session with tweezers. Girls with lighter hair, however, have it tough because sometimes they may go “tweezer happy” and end up with very thin eyebrows in the end. Then they have to go to Sephora, Mac, or a drugstore to buy a brow pencil.

Personally, I like having thinner eyebrows (bushier eyebrows don’t go with my face too well). Thinner eyebrows give my face more of a lift and to me, it’s a good thing. On the other hand, every time I look into the mirror with a pair of tweezers, I start to go tweezer happy and go beyond plucking the stray hairs.

Then there is waxing vs. threading. Honestly, I think the Middle Eastern style of threading is more effective and doesn’t leave your skin irritated. I remember the first time I got my eyebrows waxed; the week after I ended up breaking out around the eyebrows. Yeah, not so fun scratching around my eyebrows for a couple weeks. I also couldn’t help but think that they ripped out a layer of my skin with waxing. My uncle’s girlfriend tried threading on me only about six or seven months ago, and I find it way more effective. It has this burning sensation, and it’s a bit painful, but it doesn’t leave your skin irritated (maybe a bit puffy and pink after the twisting of the thread, but that’s it).

Another fad that exists is a Vietnamese and Chinese old tradition: tattooing. Is it just me or does it just look outright tacky and creepy? The artificial eyebrows look a different tint of what a natural eyebrow color is supposed to be and when I look close enough, it seems like a strange hue of purple and brown!

Exactly how thin is too thin? Which style do you prefer; tweezing, waxing or threading? Would you ever tattoo your eyebrows?