Guest blog submitted by JustFloatinBy

I got a hair cut recently. It does not touch my shoulders, but it’s still long enough to style rather easily (it’s a cross between a pixie cut and a bob). I’ve gotten a mix of reviews on my new look but I have to say that about 90% of comments were positive. To me, my hair looks much better than it had before. I found long hair (it used be around waist-length) to be oily and hard to maintain.

Now it looks healthy, shiny and flatters my facial shape more than my long hair did. My peers agreed; it was an improvement on my former look. I went from getting little attention from the opposite sex to even getting a little too much attention.

But the other 10%? Let’s just say they were either rude or ridiculous. I was even told that I looked undignified and unwomanly. I’ve also been told I look like a boy and even just plain ugly.

Naturally, I was a little offended at these comments but brushed them aside. I felt much better with my new look and wasn’t going to let anyone else’s opinion offset that.

Do you think short hair on women isn’t flattering? Would you ever cut your hair that short?