By Erica@Lovelyish

I probably have attachment issues. I can't let go of the three main products I use, and I mean I've used the same products for several years now. It's that whole "If it's not broken, why fix it?" theory - I'm happy with the makeup I've been using, so why search for something new? The only product that changes for me is mascara. I am constantly on the hunt for something that thickens and lengthens my eyelashes (hint: suggestions are welcomed!). My friends think this is boring, but I'm perfectly happy with it.  What are these three products I swear my life on, you ask?

Maybelline Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner 

This little guy doesn't even budge regardless of how many hours it's on your eyelids.
People always ask how I can line my top lids so well and smoothly and I give entire credit to this product.

N.Y.C Blush

I buy this in "Pink Cheek Glow" for my blush and it, like the eyeliner, stays on all day.
It also helps that it's only $5.

Trucco Eyeshadow

I get this in "California Girl" and it's a light shimmer that highlights my eyes.
I don't like to look like I have eyeshadow on since my eyeliner can be kind of heavy,
but this makes it shimmer just a bit while creating a base incase I want another shade over it,
or just to help my eyeliner stay extra long.

Is there a product you just can't seem to let go of? Do you change your makeup a lot or stay with several tried and true pieces?