This is a guest blog submitted by fashionista

While the skinny jeans are busy taking over the world, let us not forget the alma-mater of jeans style: straight, boot cut and wide leg. My friends scream in horror if I were to so much as mention straight, let's not even get to wide leg! However, I feel that these 3 styles over the years have evolved themselves and are making a comeback!

One good example is the wide leg:

This simple combination of high-waisted on wide-leg jeans are definitely more flattering and fashionable as compared to it's low waisted counterpart. In fact, styles that are cut higher at the back tend not to gape or give you a builder's bum. Team it with a pair chunky heels and you're good for "dress-down" Fridays at work.

If you're still not convinced, and would like a more 'toned down' version of the wide leg look, how about giving the
boot cut a try?

Boot cut jeans are comfy and sexy but it's extremely important to make sure that they are a good length. They can be very versatile, and easily matched with heels, boots and even flats! For women blessed with curves, boot cut jeans lengthen your legs and be flattering around the hips too.

My personal favorite are the
straight cut jeans.


I feel that one should always invest in a good pair of straight cuts; I think it's a style that can never go wrong. These jeans are what I coined a "safe style", it is no-fuss, no-frills dressing and looks understated but smart. This is definitely a must in every women's denim wardrobe.

And then there's the phenomenon that's sweeping the world:

I have to admit that I do own quite a few pairs myself. Undeniably very fashionable, it also adds a touch of "rock and roll" to your outfit, especially in black. It goes well with my flats, sexy heels, and especially a dream to tuck into boots (thanks to Kate Moss who made this fashionable again!). As stated before, a good pair of jeans is considered an investment well spent. This said, never try to squeeze into one that is a size too small just because you can't bear the thought of going up a size. While wearing it with style is one, wearing it with comfort is of utmost importance! Fashionista Victoria Beckham's style NO-NO: "One thing I cannot bare on jeans are those bleached-out faded patches under the bottom and on the front of the thighs. In some cases you can end up looking like you've been sitting with a puppy that hasn't been house-trained on your lap."

What kind of jeans do you prefer? Have you hopped on the skinny jean wagon as well?