By Iris@Lovelyish


Whenever I buy a remotely impractical article of clothing (summer scarves, satin ballet slippers, etc., etc.), my mother gives me the snippiest look and utters the incantation, "Until the first rain." What this means is that my beloved article of clothing will be totally wrecked at the first hint of poor weather.

We were shopping for winter gear yesterday, and I found the most gorgeous pair of suede boots. Before my mother could even say anything, the saleswoman warned me that suede gets ruined really easily. With the first snowfall and the subsequent salt thrown on the wintry terrain, the dye on the boots starts running. I could just hear my mother saying, "I told you so," so I got the boots anyway.

I heard that there is a spray you can use to protect your suede shoes from inclement weather (see article ), though the saleswoman warned me that it can only do so much. What do you guys use on your boots? Is suede really a bad idea?